The Raleigh Springs Conservancy holds and protects land of historical value for conservation, and to educate the public and future generations about Raleigh, TN.

Settled by explorers from North Carolina around 1816, Raleigh marked the site of natural springs that were promoted for their healing properties.

Incorporated in 1824 and named by Joseph Graham, Raleigh served as the seat of Shelby County until 1866, being home to the county courthouse, a jail and many thriving businesses. Natural resources such as the Wolf River and the springs made Raleigh a mecca for travelers looking for healing, rest, and recreation away from the city. A narrow gauge railroad was established from Memphis to Raleigh in 1873 to make travel to the area easier.

Today, Raleigh is home to 50,000 people. Its two area high schools, Raleigh-Egypt High School and Craigmont High School are leaders in the area of both athletics and international studies. With a unique mix of blue-collar and white-collar employees, Raleigh plays a vital role in the Mid-South economy.